Sundance Life in a Day Experience Continued!

I have been at Sundance now for a few days and it’s been fun packed!

For a DOP Sundance is literally like a dream!  I thought American Cinematographer magazine was cool! At Sundance there are filmmakers everywhere, conversations about film making in the street, cafes, panel discussions and of course the films.  In many cases these films have been made by sheer passion regardless of any obstacles or budget constraints. The Directors, Producers and Cinematographers really wanted to share these stories and nothing has held them back! Oh and I am forgetting to mention the beautiful backdrop of Park City, Utah where all this is taking place.


I am here because of the entry I sent to Kevin MacDonald and his team for the Life in a Day Project. Fortunately, for me my story about Ayamatti shot on Canon 5D MKII (see other posts in Life in a Day category) made it into this unique user generated film that is partnered with You Tube and Scott Free Productions. It has been a great experience meeting the other filmmakers that have been chosen for the project and hearing their stories and about what and how they decided to film on the 24th July 2010.  With us are people from Japan, Spain, Peru, Russia, Bali, New York and more. Joe Walker the editor had one serious job to go through the 84,000+ entries and whittle down the footage for the final cut of the film.

Last night (in the bar) Joe was speaking about it with such passion and how he and Kevin had to battle with themselves about what to keep and what to leave out! As well as the 26 people invited out to Sundance there is a lot more people’s footage in the final film, so if you submitted your story then it could very well be part of it too!  The premier is tonight at the legendary Eccles Theatre and You Tube will stream it live on the Life in a Day channel 28th Jan 2011.

Interactive Gallery

At Sundance You Tube have also set up an interactive gallery where people can go and view thousands of the clips via touch screen TV’s. All the footage is meta tagged with hundreds of key words like ‘hot’, ‘extreme’ for quick and easy searching.  It’s certainly 2011…

As part of the press for Life in a Day all the contributors had to do an interview…

Yep HG (who is much more comfortable behind the camera) had to get in front of the camera…  This is what happens when you flip reverse it and put a cameraman in front of the lens…

Bingo! I know…

As I’m meeting loads of people here I thought I better update my showreel and bring it into 2011.

I did an edit on the plane (during the 28 hour journey) inbetween eating, sleeping and wathcing films. Black Swan shot by Mattew Libatique is truly AWESOME!

Hope you enjoy the Premier either at Sundance or on the Life in a Day Channel


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Good Luck!