Hello DOP BLOG Readers, it has been a crazy busy time for me recently and at 6.30am on a Wednesday, I have finally found time to sit down and let you know what I have been up to.
The past couple of months have included a Panasonic commercial, shot on the ARRI Alexa in the Dubai Desert.  Some comedy sketches again shot on Alexa. An Art Doco with the extremely  talented Emirati Director and renowned poet Nojoom al-Ghanim shot on the RED EPIC.  A whole load of below the line work mainly shot on Epic and what I am now going to tell you all about the Opening Ceremony Film for the prestigious 2012 Dubai World Cup.
I have collaborated on some very cool creative projects with the French Director Bruno De Champris, so I was delighted when Alchemy Films asked me to shoot this 8min film.

The film was to be played on the longest screen in the world 110m to be exact!  Now that is a long screen.  Traditionally, these screens play two or three images at once breaking the screen down into sections.   Bruno wanted our film to play in it’s entirety, a world first I am led to believe…
In order to do this we would have to shoot the film at the correct aspect ratio for the screen. Giles from Prism International worked it out to be 10:1
My first thought was ‘Wow on a screen that size every movement will be noticed’ so I decided to use an ARRI geared head for extra control.  Using the wheels is a skill that my hero Roger Deakins is a fan of and I have been working on for the past year.  It was the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

Now what way is pan..?








Due to the size of the screen and high resolution we needed to record at the highest possible resolution so the RED EPIC was an easy choice. We shot the film in true 5K and it was delivered and played out 5K.
On the initial scout Bruno and I took a camera along that DIT Andrew Clemson had pre set the 10:1 aspect ratio.  When I first framed up, I was a little concerned as the frame was literally was a slither of the screen…  Right away I knew that wide lenses were going to be essential…


10:1 Aspect Ratio shot by DP Harvey Glen

That’s a slither of the screen

Luckily, Meydan – the iconic race course building and main location for the film is long and relatively low.  Which fitted our aspect perfectly.  As Bruno pointed out it was a good thing we were not filming the Burj Khalifa…
The story revolved around a young Emirati boy and the relationship with his horse. As well as Maydan we also shot in the Desert – in a sand storm no less…

Surprisingly, you can not read the storm on the film – thank goodness!

Harvey Glen a versatile DOP

Get Lower…


This is part one:

Produced by Alchemy Films
Directed by Bruno De Champris
Edited by Acen Razvi
It was an amazingly proud moment to see my work on a 110m screen, with all the dancers, fireworks and even a stunt plane flying over!  It was more like theatre and I also had the rare opportunity to see the reactions of the audiences faces.
I just discovered this online, it’s a video of the ceremony gives you a great sense of scale.
PS Please check out my New 2012 Showreels and Portfolio.  If you want to Become a Cameraman have a look at my books!