Selfie Action its taking over the world. Super 8mm Filming Tips

Filming used to be reserved for the professional world of Film and TV with the exception of a few fathers and their VHS cameras that normally got an outing on the yearly family holiday  My Dad, was one of those fathers and I think its where my love of filming started.

Watching back some family holiday footage you can definitely tell when the young me was behind the camera, the footage is all over the place, Im trying to cover everything at once  I didnt understand editing back then.

Now in 2015, video is one of the most powerful tools and almost everyone has a HD video camera in their pocket i.e known as phone.

The word SELFIE is now recognised internationally and it seems the whole world has turned into narcissists  Social media is to blame.

I prefer to be behind the camera, but now a family man I cant stop filming my little girl.  So have made a Selfie Style video myself for a competition to win a 2bedroom apartment in Dubai.

Ive used Super 8mm, 5D and iphone, its not a Cinematic master piece, but you might enjoy our Dubai story and at the very least the old school Super 8mm film.

We need as many LIKEs as possible (it is to win an apartment after all) so click on the link below, have a look and if you Like it, please click on the LIKE button (need to signed in with facebook or twitter) once the LIKE turns Red your vote has been counted.

Harveys Dubai Story (video called Harvey)


  1. Make sure the camera your using has had a service and theres no old hair in the gate.  Youll be gutted if your footage comes back with a hair across the frame (happened to me once..!)
  2. Shoot short sections of action, cut in camera, remember you only have 3mins per roll.  Its a great filming discipline!
  3. Make sure you have the right film stock.  Many have been discontinued i.e. Kodachrome 40.  I like to use Kodak Vision 3, 50D, 200T or 500T depending how much light I have.  A great place to buy the film is the Widecreen Centre they will take care of the developing and TK.
  4. Exposure, I would never recommend Auto exposure ever with digital filming, but with Super 8mm it can work out well.  Just half depress you trigger so the camera can set an exposure before you start shooting.  As much natural light as possible is always the best solution for Super 8mm
  5. Open the back of the camera and eject the film a few times, this will give you light leaks and those cool flashes over your footage



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