Ridley Scott & You Tube are at it again!

Give it a Crack!

Life in a Day was the first ever user generated film.  Co-produced by You Tube and filmmaking legend Ridley Scott.
It was a huge success that I was proud to be part of.  I blogged about it from the first moment I heard, to filming, having my entry selected and being 1 0f 25 incredibly lucky people invited out to Sundance.  Previous Blogs
Well stage 2 has just kicked off, and if you haven’t heard about it already you may well have been kipping under a rock…  This time the giants have invited people across the globe to make their own 15min film for YOUR FILM FESTIVAL.

Your film has the opportunity to be seen by millions, a chance to go the Vienna film festival and the ultimate winner will receive $500,000 to make a film with Ridley Scott…  If you are a filmkaker then there’s no excuse!  This is your TIME!

If your looking to get some cool angles for your film that is impossible with a regular camera GO PRO have launched the Hero 2, completely insane!  So much better than the original (which I have).  This one even does 120fps.

The closing date for entries is the 31st of March get busy and GOOD LUCK!


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If you are remotely unsatisfied then there’s a 30 money back guarantee how can you possibly lose..!