Pupa Make Up Commercial shot on Canon 5DMKII

Make Up Commercial shot by DOP Harvey Glen

Lovely Lashes

Hello, I was asked by Optics Digital Pictures in Dubai to help Produce a Pupa Make Up Commercial. The budget was relatively tight, but since they had committed to take care of all post production and the client the models, cars, props and food all I had to do was find a location, crew and equipment…
After seeing the boards the location was easy, I just needed a backdrop of twinkly lights that would represent a city scape, ideally that could be anywhere not necessarily Dubai.
Crew, no problem I got my boys at Action Filmz involved and bumped Joal Schaffer up from 2nd AC to Focus puller. I had 100% confidence in his ability from a past shoot, plus I really like having him on set as he has great positive energy.

Next what kit?  So many options not a great deal of money…  Well in that case I better I root around in the cupboard and pull out ol’ faithful yep you guessed it the Canon 5D MKII, 24-70mm, 70-200mm both 2.8.  For all your kit needs check B&H their online facility is amazing and they literally have everything and more!
7 hours later and a fair bit of post including a little skin touch up by the very talented Flame artist Tallen Chow this is what we got.

[vimeo 35552156
Directed by Farzad Bayat

Let me know what you think
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