Life in a Day Sundance Premier

It was the official Life in a Day premier last night 27/01/11 at the Sundance film festival.

The film which is a unique documentary as it’s entirely made up of clips from the general publics all which were uploaded to You Tube.

The Life in a Day team received over 80,000 clips, which equalled to about 4,500 hours worth of material.

The submissions came from all around the world and featured a diverse amount of subjects from Abel a shoeshine boy in Peru to a young American teenager having his first shave.

If your a reader of DOP blog then you will know that I filmed Ayamatti. He is originally from kerala India and now lives in Dubai. Where he works as a gardner and sacreficies being thousands of miles away from his loved ones so he can earn enough money to support them all.

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I was lucky enough to have some of my material used in the final film and was flown out to Sundance to meet some of the other contributors and attend the premier. It was an amazing experience that I am incredibly thankful for!  See my interview

The screening took place at the Eccles theatre Park City Utah last night 27/01/11 and simultaneously streamed live on YOU TUBE.

For me I found the film to be a master piece!  It showed so many different aspects of LIFE that all took part on exactly the same date!  I had to keep reminding myself that all this was happening within the same 24hours.

Some stuff in the film was funny, some incredible, some sad but all in their own way beautiful, honest and interesting. I was honestly blown away by the emotion of each and every submission and the narrative that Director Kevin MacDonald and Editor Joe Walker managed to create.

If you took part and filmed on 24th of July 2010 then congratulations for getting up and out and doing something and if your material made it into the film then you too should be incredibly proud!

If you missed the You Tube live stream, don’t worry you will still be able to see it as National Geographic have picked it up and it’s due to air in cinemas 24th July 2011.

I was really impressed with how good the Canon 5D MKII footage looked on the big screen!

I hope the film makes it way to Dubai so I can take Ayamatti and his mates!


Pic of me on the Blue Sundance Carpet

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