LIFE IN A DAY IN CINEMAS/ Your Chance to learn from Brett Ratner!

LIFE IN A DAY – What a Project!  What a Film!
If your been flowing my blog you will know I have written about the joint film project between YOU TUBE and SCOTT FREE PRODUCTIONS (Ridley Scotts Company) since it was first launched.
It’s a completely user generated film made by You (and me) – the internet obsessed You Tube community!

Life in a Day Poster, Harvey Glen

I was luckily enough to get my entry selected to be part of the film and ever luckier to be one of the 25 invited out to the premier at the festivals of all festivals SUNDANCE!  It was such an honor to be invited and meet all the other contributors and film makers a truly inspiring bunch of people!  The LIAD production team were also so cool!  Director and Oscar winner Kevin McDonald and Editor (aka legend) Joe Walker were so fantastic, genuine and interesting fellas!

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Go and see Life in a Day and 25% of ticket sales goes to your chosen charity.

The film has been getting a lot of press recently and had it’s UK premier last week – it even got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!  Now that’s RARE not rotten!  I am so glad I entered the competition! There was over 80,000 hours of material submitted, but you know what if you don’t enter you Never win and here’s another inspiring opportunity for aspiring DOP’s to enter!

Make a short film and if selected get to meet up with Producer/ Director Brett Ratner.  One of Hollywood’s most successful Directors, Producers and Photographers. Brett is looking for a short film that posses creativity, originality and can captivate an audience.

The winner will get to go on set with Brett as a Production Assistant and get behind the scenes for 2 days to learn invaluable advice from a leading professional.

It’s one of those things that if you don’t enter you will never win!  You never know where these type of opportunities might lead..?   Who you will meet and where it could take you!  So therefore go and make something, use your film making skills, it can be about anything!
My top tip would be to pin down a subject and simply just get on with it, you can over think things and that’s when you can easily give up.  Just pick a story or subject and remember what he’s looking for a film that posses creativity, originality and can captivate an audience!

BOOM! Bust out the camera and get involved!

To help with your filming skills so you stand more of a chance of winning I going to give away TWO copies of my books to TWO lucky DOP Blog readers.  The titles include:

.How to Become a Cameraman
.Filming on Location
.How to Beat the Competition
.Lighting for Film and TV

All you have to do is answer:  Why do YOU want to become a DOP?

Leave your answers in the Comment section below

Good Luck!