LA, 35mm, 3D & RED’s EPIC

Sundance may be over, but Life in a Day keeps getting rave reviews! What an amazing experience.  I am so thankful to You Tube and Scott Free Productions and to the amazing team involved!

Now I am back in Dubai, feet firmly on the floor after my LA experience and prepping for my first ever feature film.  It’s a Bollywood number so very excited about that and even though I am essentially from a Digital Cinematography  background I am shooting on 35mm!  Yep that’s right, I have shot a few of commercials on 35mm, but this is the real deal…

When I was at Sundance I met Chris Russo who is not only a filmmaker in her own right but also works for Kodak in LA.  I explained about the feature at a Kodak Panel Discussion that Vilmos Zsigmond was at,  yep the LEGEND DP!

Vilmos was full of so many top tips and advice and Chris kindly invited me to the famous Eastman Kodak headquarters  just of Melrose Ave.  I got to spend time in their theatre (cinema for fellow Brits) and Chris talked me through various film stock options and differences Vison 2, Vison 3.  It was a great experience and one that I am very thankful for.

With the world going digital I fear this might be my first and last feature film to be shot on actual real proper sprocket holed film….  Even Roger Deakins ASC, BSC the lover of celluliod himself confessed that with the induction of the Arri Alexa he might not be continuing on film anymore…  That is a Shock Horror!!! (see the article here)



I have always loved the look and emotion that film creates, but as digital improves people including the legend Cinematographer and Winner of the ASC Life Time Achievement Award Deakins are saying that judging between what is Digital or Film is getting increasing harder..?   Bizzarly, he never mentions RED or even about the RED EPIC in his interviews, other than saying he’s never used one…  Which is a little crazy really when RED is such a big thing at the moment…  Anyone whose ever read one of my blogs will know I am a regular RED user and fan and to top it off when I did a talk for Canon last week (about shooting on HDSLR which I am also a big fan of) at CABSAT in Dubai (thanks Brian Henderson from CreateaSphere) I met TED from RED in person and got to check out both the EPIC and SCARLET.

The EPIC is what I am interested in. 5K resolution and fits literally in the palm of your hand, well that’s before you’ve tooled it up with all the regular ‘get up’ i.e. Primes, Matte Box, Follow Focus, Batteries and so on, but still it’s incredibly small and AMAZING!

As well as standard 2D shooting I met Lucas Wilson from 3ality who talked me through possibly the best 3D rig on the market!  That’s a lot of meeting people… anyway it’s so good that Peter Jackon’s the Hobbit is currently using 20 of them complete with pre-production versions of the EPIC – now that’s literally EPIC! – sorry I couldn’t resist!

Off to prep, read the script and search through old copies of American Cinematographer to gain ideas!  It’s my bible!



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