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After a few weeks of sweat, not only from behind the camera, but from a laptop, here is the first official DOP BLOG post, wooohoo, I hear you yelp!  Yep it’s a little exciting, well if your anything like me and love the art of Cinematography it is!

DOP Blog, is written by a DOP, me Harvey Glen for both DOP’s and aspiring DOP’s alike!  If you work in the Film and TV industry or want to this could be a cool place to stop by…  I’m making it sound like a cafe..? but I guess in this digital world people literally do stop by sites and call in…

Here on DOP Blog,  we aim to give some top tips, details and anecdotes from behind the scenes, conduct interviews with some big dog famous DOP’s as well as those who are more underground or have simply shot something cool!

DOP Blog aims to provide some good interesting content for all of us who have a passion for framing and lighting.  Of course there will be opportunities for YOU to contribute too…  If you want to!

www.dopblog.com also works and will redirect you to www.directorofphotographyblog.com – for those of you too lazy to type the full title!!

As the globe has Football Fever, here’s a Promo that I shot for football show that broadcasts on MBC in the Middle East. It was shot in a stadium in Abu Dhabi from 9.30pm – 2.00am.  I used the SONY 900R, a great Steady Cam operator called Dave Capon and a Crane!

Take a look at the football promo: