Happy 2011

The Future of 2011

Hello DOP Blog readers, well Christmas is gone and passed us by for yet another year, the belly is bigger and 2011 is already upon us! 
Crazy how quick time fly’s…  Literally it does seem to fly! 

I wonder what Cinematography/ technological advancements 2011 will have in store for us..?   

2010 saw HDSLR cameras literally rocket their way into TV/ Film production (mainly down to Canon), the RED being much more widely used and all the other (more traditional) camera manufactures like Sony and Panasonic trying to keep up… 
3D is no longer something only seen at Disney World, but now a main part of our life and I am sure we will all be shooting it to some extent in 2011 – so that’s really going to be very cool!

I for one am really excited about the future and as soon as I get home and into some form of routine (other than eating and drinking) I can not wait to update you with loads of Top Tips and Tricks to help you  produce some Awesome images and improve your filming skills – as well as share Industry secrets with like minded people! 

Until then try not to break too many of those new resolutions…  Especially, the ones you recycled from last year or even the year before… 


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