Fashion Photographer and the RED Camera

Had a great couple of days learning from Fashion Photographer Melissa Rodwell now off to flip reverse it and give her some pointers about the shooting on the RED Camera.  Talking about flip reversing it Melissa is going to do exactly that and instead of shooting video on a DSLR (which is all the rage now), she is going to shoot moving image on the RED and extract stills afterwards.   Just like Greg Williams did for the cover of Esquire Magazine with Megan Fox.   Only the model won’t be half  naked, nor in bed nor will it be Megan Fox – but you get the similarities…

Anyway this is all going to be possible thanks to Nick Davidson, the Alchemy Films team and Bareface Dubai Model and Production Company.

We’re also going to shoot some behind the scenes footage, which I hope I will be able to post on here… the Alchemy site and Melissa’s blog

Melissa Rodwell and DOP Harvey Glen

Fun, Fun, Fun


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