DAY One at SUNDANCE for LIFE in a Day Film!

After 28 hours of travel I finally made it to Park City Utah!  Wooohhhooo!!!

The Sun is aptly shinning and I’m here knee deep in snow at the Sundance Film Festival!

Excitement! Is the only way I can describe it.  The place is full of natural beauty at it’s best! The mountains peaks full with snow and film makers everywhere… and I mean everywhere!  I just had a conversation with Vilmos Zsigmond about shooting features on 35mm.  Vilmos shot The Long Goodbye and Close Encounters of the Third Kind LEGEND!

Last night we had the welcome dinner for Life in a Day and met up with some of the fellow Life in a Day filmmakers, including Catherine Liginsky whose husband Bob and son Bobby documented her coming out of hospital after her breast cancer treatment.  Such inspirational, truthful, people full of life and vitality I can not wait to see their material in the film.

As well as all the inspirational contributors I met up with Director Kevin MacDonald and Joe the editor, two incredibly friendly fellow Brits whose passion for the film is infectious!  I think Joe almost welled up, just recounting part of the story…

Needless to say  the word EXCITED about the premier which will also stream LIVE on You Tube is an understatement!

Harvey Glen at Sundance 2011

Fo the rest of the day I have got to do some press and pr – something I am not used to. Being the other side of the lens is an ‘interesting’ experience…  Yesterday, I had to talk about the subject of my film submission Ayamatti and my contribution to the film which I think will be live on You Tube any second…

All the team from You Tube are so on top of their game it’s truly remarkable!  Off to explore more and take some Medium Format photos!  GOOOO OLD SCHOOL!