Canon Super Double Savings!

Hello DOP Blog readers.  Just wanted to inform you all about the B&H Canon Deal that’s going on!
There doing a Double Super Saver with Rebates! What?  Yes!  Finally a SALE!
I love using the Canon 45mm & 90mm Tilt Shift lenses and now am finally going to buy them instead of hiring!
They are such quality lenses and with the Scarlet and C300 having an option of Canon mount you know you will get some serious use out of them.

I’m personally so happy you can finally buy quality glass for filming at a reasonable cost.  I love Zeiss PL mount primes, but for the considerable future will have to still  continue to hire those.
Check award winning film I shot for the 48hrs film project using Canon 5DMKII.

Spot the Tilt Shift shots with Karim in the empty  swimming pool and tennis court it creates such a great effect (see full post )
[vimeo 32525257
Promo shot entirely on Canon Tilt Shift Lenses (see full post)

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