RED Camera

It’s been a busy week, busting out the RED Camera to shoot a whole load of stuff including a Music Video for the artist Clarita De Quiroz

The RED is an Awesome piece of kit no-one can deny that! It’s from the same guy who started up the Oakley sunglasses company – he must have made some serious cash to invest in the engineering of the RED. Mind you Oakleys were all the rage in the 90’s, I had a fake pair I brought off some guy who had turrets for the word ‘looky looky’ and insisted on calling me Jimmy…

On Clarita’s video I was wearing two hats (not physically as it would have been way too hot) DP and Director.
I am primarily a DP, but dabble in directing and a music video is the ideal playground to dabble, as it is all about creating interesting visuals and solid, confident artist performance, plus it meant no-one could hold me back, rain me in or tame me. This resulted in me going NUTS with the lighting and use of lens flare… Although I have to say Clarita looked AMAZING!
Have to say a big THANK YOU to Alchemy Films Dubai  for Producing the video and supplying the RED kit and RED head DIT Andrew Clemson.
Watch the blog and i’ll post up the full version very soon, well as soon as I manage to get in the edit and cut it with top Alchemy Films Editor ACEN!

It’s such a busy period at the moment, so busy this is the first time I’ve been on my computer for a week… Now, I’m diversifying further and over the next two days and am on an Advanced Beauty and Fashion Photography course with the acclaimed Fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell
Check out Melissa’s blog
I’ll let you know what I learn for the experience of creating a single frame and chatting to the LA born and raised photographer!
Until then

PS A proper thanks to everyone who worked on the Music promo will be done once it’s complete and Live (don’t worry this isn’t an Oscar Speech yet…) But a quick Big Up to Crispin Dominic from Action Filmz who supplied first rate crew, lighting and grip equipment!  Thanks Crispin!!