Bollywood ‘Sadda Adda’ Premier 13th January 2012

2012 Is The Year To Make Things HAPPEN!

Sadda Adda

Bollywood make some really cool films and I was fortunate to be the DOP on a very special film ‘Sadda Adda’ the literal translation is Our Den.
The film is centered around 6 boys all living in the same house – their Adda.  The boys go through varying life struggles, including meeting girls and trying to find their own path through life…
It was Written and Directed by the very talented Muazzam Beg and Produced by Mumbai/ Dubai based Rajtaru Studios.  It has a fantastic cast and I hope will be a big hit with the viewers!

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‘Sadda Adda’ premiers in Mumbai on the 13th January 2012.  Sadda Adda facebook
Here’s the official Trailer

This is one of the music numbers in the film ‘Dilli Ki Billi’ meaning Cat of Delhi.  It’s a bit more modern than you might traditionally expect from a Bollywood film…



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