Being a Director of Photography

Director of Photography Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins ASC, BSC aka LEGEND!

When you meet new people, say at at party and they ask ‘what do you do?’

It’s always a funny one…  I often think twice and consider how much explaining I want to do over the loud music and banter ‘Well, I’m a Director of Photography’ that’s normally received with a puzzled look and ‘oh so you’re a photographer?’

‘We’ll kind of’ then I go on to explain that I’m a Cameraman, who is responsible for the aesthetic of the production through lighting, framing and camera movement.  The standard reply ‘isn’t that what the Director does? I thought a Cameraman just pointed the camera..?’

A Director friend Jeremy Cole just sent me this video and I think it explains our role beautifully


If you want To Become a Cameraman have a look at these 4 books, loads of Top Tips