BBC Virtual Revolution Tonight Sat 20th 8.15pm BBC2

Hello my name is Harvey Glen.  This is my first EVER blog EVER!

I am a Director of Photography commonly  known as a DOP or DOPE as I like to sometimes call it…  Basically it refers to Camera work, lighting and generally filming stuff!

Anyway, this internet is a crazy place and making the world crazier day by day (or so it seems to me) with all these news sites and Apps continuously popping up! So I’ve decided that I need to get with the times and start blogging…  This all came about because I have just finished shooting a Documentary for the BBC called Virtual Revolution

It actually airs THIS EVENING Saturday 20th at 8.15pm on BBC 2. It’s all about HOW the internet is causing social change.  It’s an in-depth look at the net and includes interviews with the main guys who setup Facebook including Mark Zuckerberg, the computer giant Big Bill Gates and much much more…

It is presented by Dr Aleks Krotoski who is quite frankly AWESOME! It was an AMAZING experience shooting this documentary! Producer/ Director Molly Milton, a good friend and long-term colleague who has gotten me into all sorts of  odd situations including being waist deep in the Amazon river fishing for candirú fish (yes the fish that can swim up your Johnson… I told you DOPE), bitten by the most malarious mosquitos in the world, almost ravished to death by JoJo the psycho monkey and even filming crickets watching the Tye fighter sequence in Star Wars with electrodes plugged into their brains all for Volvo’s road safety ploy…  Listing these they all seem to have animals involved, but not one of the projects was a wildlife programme…  Anyway, Molly was the one responsible for pulling me in for this more civilized project.   So once again thanks Molly!

We got to go Stateside (which is always a real treat for an English boy) east coast to be exact; New York and Boston. We filmed at MIT and Harvard.  All I could think of was the film 21 and Beautiful Mind…

Everyone in Boston is fitness obsessed!  Running, rowing and generally in pretty good shape….oh, and really clever.  We shot an American football game at Harvard and let me tell you they are not known for their cheerleaders… but if your Ivy league quality I guess cheerleading isn’t your main priority…  I think one of them was an Astronaut!  Seriously!

We then headed West Coast, not to hook up with X to the Z, Alvin Nathaniel Joiner known to you and me as Xzibit, but to speak to more internet gurus  in the home of the internet sunny San Francisco. Where I’m sure like any other excitable 20 something Brit I kept referring to it as CISCO much to Dave, our local Sound man (aka Grip, Gaffer, Fixer extraordinaire) distaste…  He must have really liked us though as he took us to the amazing restaurant the Slanted Door where we had a real good cook up …

Television Crew love their food!

Speaking of food the next location had Awesome food and bizzarly METAL chop sticks, yep you might have guessed it – Korea.

In Seoul they love the Internet.  So much so that they actually have Internet Rehabilitation Centers…   Apparently, a large percentage of offenders are likely to re-offend…  Not surprising when children as young as 4 have internet lessons…  I promise you. These youngsters all dressed in yellow sit at computer desks and the teacher says ‘first one to find xxxxx’ this time it was us ‘BBC Crew’ and 200 little fingers started tapping away….

They do teach good internet manners known as Net Etiquette, where all the children sing together ‘…don’t look at bad sites, make sure you only spend 15 minuets at a time… if your eyes hurt look away and rub them…’ and so on, all in Korean though….  If you don’t believe me watch the programme TONIGHT BBC 2 8.15pm

For my fist blog I think this is enough…

I’ll leave you with comments from the British Press about the show

”Excellent documentary series which looks at the rapacious spread of social networks like Facebook and Myspace” Sunday Telegraph

”The biggest revolution in the exchange of information since the Gutenburg Press” Mail on Sunday Pick of the day

Got lots more stories on lots of other shoots, so lets hope I update it!