Harvey Glen DP

Arri Alexa on Glow TVC

Hello fellow filmmakers, sorry for the silence over the past year…  I just got so busy with filming and traveling, but that’s no excuse as that’s what I should have been blogging about.
Anyway apologies over, I’m back with a plan to write more frequent, but shorter blogs.

Here’s a Commercial I shot with Director Robert Dupear for Glow Generation, a phone network company:

We shot over 2 days in Dubai.

The second day was very long, I think around 18hours… Mainly due to moving location and having a couple hundred supporting cast to wrangle.

I used the Arri Alexa, my current camera of choice.  It’s a beautiful beast!  So ergonomic, intuitive and delivers beautiful pictures.


Rob the director was an absolute pleasure to work with, he certainly is the ‘King of cheats’, by that I mean a master of knowing how to pick different parts of the same street to shoot in for the whole film to make sense.

We had a crane, green screen elements, many extras, very hot weather and a good laugh!

Good Clients = Great Times!

4 Top Tips filming with Alexa:

1) For perfect exposure use False Colour

2) Set Peaking, False Colour and LogC/ 709 on your 3 user buttons

3)  Check your viewfinder menu for Brightness & customs frame guides

4) Get an extension viewfinder bracket to prevent any awkward dolly moves


Harvey Glen