Award Winning 48hour Film ‘Paradise Falls’ Premier

The 48hour film project was one crazy project!   Yep you have to make a film from scratch in 48hours.

The Successful Novel

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The organisers give you some criteria at the very start then you have to deliver a short film exactly no more than 48hours later.

Our criteria was:
Prop: Clock
Line of dialogue: ‘You can’t leave without making a decision’
Character trait: Human Encyclopedia
Genera: Mockumentary

It turns out it was worth it though, firstly for the amazing people that got to collaborate together from Director Nizar Sfair who is always brimming with new and interesting ideas to Michael Fillon an exceptional creative brain and writer to the super talented actors and crew.

A BIG THANKS has to be said to Composer Ray Haddad, Sound Recordist David Thirion, Casting Director/PM Miranda Davidson, Make Up Artist Marcia Santos and the Awesome post team especially Editor An Nguyen from Optix Digital Pictures Dubai.

The fact that it won 5 awards was a HUGE bonus for everyone involved and goes to reflect the talent on board!

BEST ACTOR (Assem Kroma)
BEST USE OF LINE (Michael Fillon)
AUDIENCE AWARD (Group Screening)

So let me Present the DOP BLOG PREMIER of ‘PARADISE FALLS’ made by the team known as ‘The Turtles’ for the Dubai leg of the 48hour film project.  With the only cost being sweat, lack of sleep, pure dedication, good will, passion, personal time, food and drinks – oh yer and 24hours previous a lot of

‘hi not sure if you’ll be interested,  but got this project over the weekend yer it’s for free…’

Shot on the Canon 5DMKII

[vimeo 32525257


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