Canon 5D MK II

Well the day has arrived, it’s the 24th of July 2010.

Nope it’s not the date when Marty McFly leaped into the future, although someone told me it was a summer date in 2010… We still don’t have flying skateboards… yet..? I am definitely waiting…

This day just like every other day has got 24 hours in it, but the difference about today is it’s the very day Ridley Scott and Kevin McDonald have asked people around the globe to document their or somebody else’s life in a day!

This project adeptly named ‘Life in a Day’ is teamed up with You Tube and is a little like a time capsule for 2010.  People from around the world being documented on exactly the same date (as long as people don’t cheat…)  The project has had a lot of press so far, which probably has something to do with the two Hollywood ‘Big Doggs’ that it’s been set up by…

Twitter (of course) is going Nuts with #lifeinaday!

My personal day started with the alarm going off at 4.00am…   As it is a weekend and I am volunteering to do this project initially I was a little groogy and tired, but I struggled into the clothes I had pre laid out the night before and nudged my girlfriend for the eight time, ‘come on baby time to get up…’

As we had a budget of no dollars, the crew consisted of myself as Director/ DP, Elisa my good friend as Producer/ Camera assistant/ everything and another friend Shezhadi who is acting as translator.  For this same reason I have chosen to shoot it on my personal Canon 5D MKII, Zacuto Z Finder, a couple of ND filters, and two lenses a F2.8 24-70mm and 70-200mm.  I am also using a set of one by one Lite Panels and as I am doing the Audio by myself (eeekk) I am using a Rode on board mic, 1 Radio and 416.

The reason we need a translator is because our contributor is Ahmed who is originally from India and he now lives and works as a gardener in Dubai.

So far we have filmed Ahmed getting ready for work, cycling to the local Mosque and working on some gardens (mostly watering), not exactly reinventing the wheel I know, but I think we have got some good footage and Ahmed has certainly got an interesting story.

I just tried to upload a clip of what we have shot so far and it looks like You Tube has CRASHED!!!  Well it seems that way, nothing will play, upload and all my videos on other posts here were down too…  Could this be because everyone has the same idea and is uploading…… Ridley have you single handedly crashed one of the biggest things on the net..?

Well, I better get back to see Ahmed and continue to document his ‘Life in a Day‘…

Should be good…  Lets hope I can wake Elisa up who is currently fast asleep on the sofa…

Lets see how the rest of the day goes!

24th July, 24 hours… What did you film for Your ‘Life in a Day’?

If your filming today lets hear about it!  Let DOP Blog know about your personal experience, if you have any stories or pics from your shoot, get in contact and leave a comment.